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Monday, August 13, 2007

Event Recap: Edible Weeds Workshop

Over 100 lucky folks attended the Edible Weeds Workshop at Lucky Penny Farm last Saturday. It was an amazing day filled with new found knowledge of the land, wildly delicious food, and many new friends.

Our hosts, Abbe & Anderson Turner of Lucky Penny Farm, welcomed everyone to the farm and introduced Peter Gail who got things rolling with a lively presentation on edible weed identification and a tasting of edible weeds that inspired us all.

Following Peter's talk, the group formed into teams and, accompanied by Peter and his knowledgable assistants, set out to practice what we had just learned. Each team gathered a variety of edible weeds such as purslane, burdock, mallow, and sorrel then had the opportunity to cook and sample dishes made from the wild finds. The selection of wild culinary creations included Dandelion Pizza, Crispy Queen Anne's Lace, Creamed Purslane and a Sorrel Stew!

Participants were also invited to sample the delicious farmstead goat cheese made by Lucky Penny Farm and to meet the Nubian goats whose high quality, milk results in a dense, creamy, fresh chevre boasting bright flavors of lavender and grass.

Fields of Freedom farm was on hand selling locally grown corn, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh melon. Carolyn's Homemade Preserves were also for sale. We brought home delicious dill pickles and peach jam made with fresh peaches harvested last week!

We also met the young members of the Supreme Caprines, the 4-H group that Turner supervises. To raise funds for the group and their upcoming Portage County fair activities, the Supreme Caprines sold honey, home-made baked goods and bars of lovely Oatmeal Honey Soap they produce with goat's milk from the farm.

If you missed out this year, don't despair. Lucky Penny Farm will be hosting the Edible Weeds Workshop again next year on August 9, 2008. We'll post information here as the date draws near or you can check their website for more info at

Many thanks to Abbe and Anderson of Lucky Penny Farm for hosting such a wonderful day on the farm! And to Peter Gail for sharing his weatlh of weed knowledge with all.

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