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Monday, November 12, 2007

Congratulations Michael Symon: The Next Iron Chef

It is with great pride we will be sending a copy of this announcement to the national office of Slow Food USA. In case there is anyone in Northern Ohio who happens to have missed the news -- Cleveland's own Michael Symon has won the Next Iron Chef competition that has been running over the last 8 weeks on the Food Network.

Michael and Liz Symon have been fantastic supporters of the Slow Food Northern Ohio Convivium from our beginning. In fact, one of the very first dinner events was held at Lola Bistro, when Michael and his mother, Angel, collaborated on a scrumptious Greek dinner, in celebration of that side of Michael's family roots.

When it was time to raise money to send nine Ohio farmers to the first Terra Madre in 2004, Michael said, "don't worry, I'll do a cooking class." It was some kind of cooking class! Two years later, Dominic Cerino took that concept a step further and orchestrated an unbelievable Terra Madre Feast at Carrie Cerino’s which raised funds to send five local farmers as well as Dominic, Michael, and Doug Katz to Terra Madre 2006!

Michael has been our personal "Iron Chef" for many years. Now its official. The country will get to know him well. From his delicious food, to his marvelous sense of humor, and his great enthusiasm for cooking. He is really Cleveland's Own! His heart is huge, he is generous and caring, thoughtful and loyal. He and his beautiful Liz make a marvelous couple. Their restaurants work superbly together because they treat staff so very, very well.

So, on behalf of Slow Food Northern Ohio congratulations to everyone in the Lolita and Lola Family! Bravo & Brava! We are all so wonderfully proud of the hard work done by all of you to make this possible. Wow!

-Linda Griffith

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