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Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food

Monday, October 6, 2008

Delegates Prepare for Terra Madre

Life is busy for our Terra Madre farmers, chefs, bakers and educators this fall. It's harvest time, goats need milking, bread needs baking, lesson plans prepared, hungry patrons need dinner every night and even new restaurants must be opened. And before they leave for Terra Madre, they'll need to find babysitters, goat-milkers and sous-chefs to fill in during their absence. But with the help of dedicated family, staff and friends, our 2008 Terra Madre delegates will have the opportunity to spend a few days exploring the possibilities of a more sustainable food system at Terra Madre, which begins on October 23.

Many will travel to Turin, Italy for the first time, an exiting experience alone, but this trip will be like no other. In Turin, they will join 6,000 other farmers, bakers, teachers, and chefs as well as sustainable food activists and professionals from around the globe. It is a true honor for us to be able to send such a diverse group of delegates to participate in this once in a lifetime event.

On behalf of all our Terra Madre delegates, we'd like to thank all of the generous members and friends of Slow Food Northern Ohio who participated in our Terra Madre raffle and other fundraising efforts this past summer. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Joining our Slow Food Northern Ohio delegation as an observer at Terra Madre will be Mary Holmes. Mary is a local food pioneer in our region having co-founed the North Union farmers' market over ten years ago. She's now embarking on a new project called Bounty of the Western Reserve, a blog and future magazine celebrating the foods, farmers, chefs, home cooks, and everyone in Northeast Ohio who is supporting our local food system. Mary will be filing reports on behalf of all our Terra Madre delegates during their stay in Italy. We invite you to check the Bounty and Slow Food Northern Ohio blogs for updates from October 21-27.

And mark your calendars! On Sunday, November 16, Slow Food Northern Ohio and Chef Jonathan Bennet at Moxie will host a Terra Madre Forum and lunch. Delegates will be on hand to share their reports from Terra Madre. Stay tuned for further details.

For now, we say Bon Voyage to all our 2008 Terra Madre delegates. We wish you safe travels and amazing Terra Madre journey!

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