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Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Taste of Terra Madre

2008 Terra Madre delegates Miller Livestock and Goatfeathers Point have products available for purchase to Slow Food Northern Ohio members and friends. Details regarding the purchase of locally raised and grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and goat meat are included below. Please contact each farm directly to place your order.

Goatfeathers Point Farm

Goatfeathers Point has a few very large (40lbs) frozen Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys remaining from our 2008 Thanksgiving sales we are offering for $2.50 a pound. This is a 50% savings and a one time offer!

Also, we are taking reservations for 2009 Thanksgiving turkeys and spring pastured meat goats. Reservations require a $20.00 deposit that applies to the final purchase price. 2009 season Broad Breasted turkeys are $5.00 a pound and Heritage, Bourbon Reds are $7.00 a pound. Birds will weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. The goats are Tennessee Fainters, the true American meat goat! The goat prices vary depending on the processing whole or cuts, and will range from 20 to 35 pounds.

To make a reservation, please contact:

Goatfeathers Point
Cindy or Terry Smith
4570 Akron Peninsula Rd., Peninsula, OH 44264
t: 330.657.2726

Miller Livestock

The Miller's offer beef and lamb, naturally pasture raised poultry grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, no hormones or antibiotics. Our family has been raising beef for nearly 40 years and began the grass-based business in 1999.

The products listed below would be available for delivery at the Slow Food event on Sunday Feb. 15 at Moxie. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items; we’ll be happy to bring them up with us to the Terra Madre Forum.

Naturally Raised, Free Range Poultry:
5 Turkeys approx. 15-17 lbs., $3.00/lb
100 chickens approx. 4-6 lbs., $3.00/lb

Grass-Fed Lamb:
3 whole lambs: $180.00 include: 2 boneless legs, chops-3 pkgs. w/4 in ea. pkg., ground lamb-8-10 lbs, stew-approx 2 lbs

Individual cuts of lamb also for sale including:

Grass-Fed Beef:
Rib steaks-$10.99/lb
Porterhouse steak-$12.99/lb
T bone steak-$11.99/lb
Ground beef patties-$7.00/pkg
Chuck roast-$4.99/lb
Ground beef-$5.00/lb
Rump roast-$6.99/lb
Philly steaks-$5.00/pkg
Short ribs-$6.00/lb

Grass-Fed Cheese:
$9.00/pkg—approximately 1 lb
Baby Swiss Sharp white cheddar Sharp colored cheddar
Habenaro Brick Colby Longhorn
Farmers Marble Horseradish
Hot Pepper Jack

Maple Syrup:
Pork ready mid-March

To place orders for pick up on Feb. 15, please contact the Millers directly:

Miller Livestock, Inc.
Aaron or Melissa Miller
t: 330-876-5655

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