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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Miller Livestock Grass-Fed Beef Sale

2008 Terra Madre delegate, Aaron Miller of Miller Livestock has grass-fed beef available!

If anyone is interested in placing an order, please contact Aaron directly
by phone at 330.876.5655 or email

The price list is included below. We'll be working with Aaron to arrange a convenient drop off date and location in the Cleveland area.

Grass Fed Beef
porterhouse steak 12.99/lb
T-bone 11.99/lb
rib steak 11.99/lb
sirloin steak 8.99lb
round steak 5.99/lb
rump roast 6.99/lb
top round boneless roast 6.99/lb
chuck roast, bone-in 5.99/lb
ground round 5.00/pkg
(extra lean-approximately 1 lb.)
ground beef patties 7.00/ pkg
(4 large patties/ pkg.-approximately 1.35 lbs.)
chipped beef 7.00/lb
stew beef 6.00/lb
Little link breakfast sausages 6.00/lb

Brown Eggs 3.00/dozen

Backyard Grillers Special $90.00
6 steaks-1” thick (rib or T-bone, depending on availability)
3 pkgs. Chopped sirloin patties
2 pkgs. Chipped beef steaks (Philly style)

Grilling Special $35.00
2 steaks-1” thick-rib or T-bone
2 pkgs. Chopped sirloin patties
1 pkg. Chipped beef steaks (Philly style)

Quarter lb. Burger Special $25.00
24 quarter lb. burgers—Great for a picnic or party!

Ground Beef Special $50.00
Buy 10 lbs. of ground beef, get 1 pkg. of chipped beef free

Deluxe Picnic Sandwiches
Trimmed brisket $7/lb or Untrimmed $6/lb
Pork roast $6/lb makes a great pulled pork sandwich or terrific Cuban sandwiches

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