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Friday, August 28, 2009

Miller Livestock Labor Day Grilling Specials

Aaron and Melissa Miller of Miller Livestock just sent us their Labor Day weekend grilling specials…

Order now! They will be doing a delivery in Cleveland next Wednesday, September 2 at Fire Food and Drink, 5:30pm!!!

To place orders contact Miller Livestock at:
telephone: 330.876.5655 or email

Labor Day Grilling Specials

2 rib steaks-1” thick $22
2 T-bone steaks-1” thick $24
2 Porterhouse steaks $30
8-6 oz. sirloin strip steaks $24
1 sirloin-great for kabobs $15
Flank steak $12.50
Untrimmed brisket-great for smoking $6/lb (7-8 lb avg)

Ground Beef
Patties—4/pkg 1.35lbs total wgt $7
Ground beef for hand-formed patties $5
24-1/4 burgers for a big crowd $25

Grilling Special $35
2 steaks (rib or T-bone)
8 patties
1 pkg Philly-style steak

Eggs $3/dzn
Bacon $5/pkg
Breakfast sausage-little links $6

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