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Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food

Friday, January 15, 2010

Make it a Grass-Fed 2010!

“Eat animals that have themselves eaten well.”
~Michael Pollan, from Food Rules and Eater’s Manual

Happy new year Slow Food members and friends!

If your new year’s resolutions involved eating more delicious, locally raised, grass-fed meat this year, we’d like you to meet Aaron and Melissa Miller.

On their Kinsman, Ohio farm, the Millers have raised grass-fed cattle with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics for the past decade!

And the Millers are here to help you with that grass-fed goal! The Millers have scheduled three delivery dates in Cleveland next week and will be bringing a wide variety of grass-fed beef as well as pork and lamb.

Thursday, January 21Around 5:30PM
@ Fire Food and Drink on Shaker Square

Sunday, January 24, 11:30AM-ish
@ St. Ignatius School W. 30th for the Parker Bosley Tribute event

Feb. 1, 5:00PM
@Cleveland Local Food Cleveland Networking event at Great Lakes Brewing Co., 2516 Market Ave.

A complete listing of Miller Livestock products is included below.

Why not go grass-fed in 2010? It’s better for the animals, for you and the planet. We’ve attached some additional information on the healthful benefits of eating pastured meats here. The website for accurate information and sources of grass-fed meats.,9171,1200759-1,00.html: Time magazine article (from 2006!) extolling the health benefits of grass-fed meats.

Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!


From the Millers:

Hi everyone!

Hopefully this thaw in the temps and the sunshine are making today a better day!

I'm attaching a list of the products we have available for delivery. At the end of the email are the places we'll be in Cleveland over the next few weeks. Notice especially that we have a wide selection of pork including some new products. Also, the beef specials-comfort food and variety pack--allow you to stock your freezer and try some things you might otherwise not order.We'll be making the trip to Cleveland several times so hopefully one of the choices below will work out for you.If you'd rather not be hearing from us, please let me know and I'll remove your name from my delivery list.Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay warm.

Melissa & Aaron Miller

Check out the website for some winter photos!

Miller Livestock Co., Inc.
9590 Kinsman Pymatuning Rd.
Kinsman, OH 44428


Minimum order is $30.00 not including eggs


Take note of some new products: breakfast patties-we had these last night and liked them better than the breakfast links-and pork chops for stuffing.

By the delivery date we’ll have boneless pork tenderloin for pork medallions or stir-fry and boneless pork loins, great for quick dinners with leftovers.

Pork shoulder roasts-2.5lb-3lb-$6/lb
Spare ribs-whole rack/pkg-2.3lb-3lb-$16-$20/pkg
Chops-regular cut-4/pkg-$18-$20/pkg
Extra large/thick-4/pkg-$20-$30/pkg
Stuffing chops have a pocket cut in them-4/pkg-3-3.5lb-$30-35/pkg These are exceptional.

Hot Italian or Sweet Italian large links-1.25lb-$7.50
Little link breakfast sausage-$6/pkg
Breakfast patties-6/pkg-$7.50/pkg
Ground pork-no seasonings-$5/lb
City Chicken(pork cubes on a skewer)-1.25lb-$7.50/pkg

Smoked hams 7-9lb avg-$7/lb
Larger ones available upon request
Smoked ham slices-various sizes, usually 2-4lb-$7/lb. Great for breakfast with our eggs!

Bacon-$5/pkg-approx. 1lb

Side of Pork $275
-includes chops, roasts, sausage (choice of 2 kinds) city chicken, ribs, ham and bacon. Will be approximately 3 grocery bags full of meat.

Special Cuts
Boneless Top Round Roast-3lbs-5lbs-$7/lb
Larger Top Round Roast-10lb-12lb-$6/lb-this is the cut you see carved at buffets and brunches
Boneless Rump Roast-3lb-4lb-$6/lb
Eye of the Round Roast-3.5lb-$25 5.2lb-$40
Brisket-trimmed-approx. 4.5lbs-$7/lb 5.5lb-$7/lb
Untrimmed for smoking-5lb-$30

Leg of lamb-boneless-2.33lb-$35
Loin Chops-4/pkg-.75lb-1lb-$12-$15
Leg Chops-1.2lbs-$17/pkg
Ground Lamb-$6/lb
Stew meat-$6lb

Porterhouse steaks-2/pkg-1.5” thick-$32.50
Filet Mignon-4/pkg-1lb -$18/pkg
NY Strip Steak-1”thick-2/pkg-$24-$30/pkg
T-Bone Steaks-1.5”thick-2/pkg-$26
Rib Steak-1.5”thick-2/pkg-$31
Sirloin Steak-1” thick-2lb+ $16
Boneless Sirloin Strip Steaks-6oz. each-4/pk-$12, 8/pkg-$24
Sirloin beef cubes for kabobs-1.5lb avg-$7/lb

“Philly”-style steaks-0.75lb-$5.50 / 1lb-$7.00 Great for sandwiches, stir-fry, or barbeque
Short ribs-2lbs-$12
Beef stew meat-1.25lb avg-$5/lb
Chuck Roast-2.5lb-3lb-$6/lb
Round Steak-2.5lb-$17-various other sizes too.
Ground Beef-$5/lb
4 thick patties-1.35lb-$7/pkg
24 round quarter pounders-$25

Make your own Beef Jerky-thin strips of beef for drying-approx 2lbs-$12

SlimJims (Smokies) organic seasoning, our ground beef, no filler-$8/pkg
Trail Bologna-our ground beef, no filler, seasoning is not organic-$10/stick

Dog Bones
$1each-specify the size of your dog

Comfort Food Special-$35
1 chuck roast, 1 round steak, 1 stew beef, 1 lb. ground beef

Beef Variety Pack-$130
4 steaks
2 chuck roasts
12 ground beef patties
1 stew beef
5 lbs. ground beef

Split Quarter of Beef-$427.50
Other size quarters available
Incl: 5 T-bone steaks, 2 porterhouse, 6 rib steaks, 3 sirloin steaks, 5 round steaks, 6 chuck roasts, 1 round roast, 1 brisket, 4 stew beef, 33 ground beef. We have some flexibility on these amounts if there is something you’d like to trade.

Eggs - $3dzn

Grassfed Cheese-smoked cheddar, Colby longhorn, horseradish, habanero, hot pepper jack, marble, farmers, brick, sharp yellow cheddar, mild white cheddar, montery jack-great taste, no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals-$9/pkg

Maple Syrup-$14/qt
Chicken Feet-5lb-$5
Chickens-Sold Out until spring

Keep in Touch!

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