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Friday, March 19, 2010

Call Senator Sherrod Brown Today!

Slow Food USA is urging its Ohio members and friends to call Senator Sherrod Brown's office to encourage his suppport of the Child Nutrition Act which will be debated on March 24.

Anyone can make calls but those that come from leaders, school officials, teachers, foodservice workers, parents and students are especially influential.

Below is a phone script including contact information and a few talking points.

Make your call now!

Calling Senator Sherrod Brown’s office in D.C.

Key messages to get across:

*I’m asking Senator Brown to help schools serve healthier food by supporting the full $1 billion investment in Child Nutrition.

*Thank you for co-sponsoring Senator Leahy’s Farm to School bill. Please support the full $50 million in funding during committee mark-up next week.

Phone number for Senator Brown: (202) 224-2315

When the receptionist answers, say you’re a constituent (“I live in Cleveland, etc.”) and ask to speak with the staff member who works on child nutrition.

When you get through to the child nutrition staff member, say your name, where you’re from and whom you represent. If you’re calling on behalf of a Slow Food chapter, mention the size of your membership and mailing list – and feel free to mention that our network has sent 284 emails to Brown’s office in the last few weeks.

Thank the Senator for co-sponsoring Senator Leahy’s Farm to School bill. Then, ask the staff member if the Senator supports:

*Helping schools serve healthier food by making the full $1 billion investment in Child Nutrition.
*Advocating for the full $50 million for Farm to School when the committee marks up the bill next week.

If the Senator’s position is the same as yours, thank the staff member and let him/her know you’re happy to be a resource for information in the future.

If it’s not, explain why you believe in healthy school food. Offer to send the staff member more information and encourage the legislator to re-consider the issue.

*If the staff member wants more information, ask for his/her email address and follow up immediately. This is a great opportunity to become someone on whom the staff relies for information.

If you don’t get through to anyone and you’re leaving a voicemail, state your name and phone number, where you’re from and whom you represent. Encourage the Senator to support our policy goals (listed above).

That’s all. Please report back on how it goes. It’ll help us strengthen our messages and learn more about the best ways for Slow Food leaders to advocate.

If you have questions, contact one of the Slow Food USA staff. (If you don’t know who to contact, try Gordon Jenkins at or 718-260-8000.)

Keep in Touch!

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