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“Defending the earth means safeguarding biodiversity, the landscape and farming. Those who haven’t seen the importance of farming haven’t understood anything!”
Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food

Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Pastures Poultry

Please allow us to introduce Green Pastures Poultry!

Green Pastures Poultry is poultry as it should be... real chicken, duck and turkey carefully raised on local farms.

Pastured Poultry live outdoors, eating lush grasses and clover, exercising in the warm sun and resting at night. The birds are locally raised and gently nourised by fresh air and sunshine. Pastured poultry is beneficial to the soil and environmentally sustainable. The poultry is fresh and lean, bursting with delicious flavor and juices, vitamins and minerals. Chicken and Duck will be available in Northeast Ohio beginning June 2nd. To place an order, visit or call 216-255-1343.

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