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Friday, March 11, 2011

Miller Livestock Grassfed Meats Now Available in Cleveland

You can now purchase Miller Livestock grassfed beef right here in Cleveland. On the west side: Market at the Fig is now selling popular cuts of beef from their store next to The Flying Fig including the great ground beef they use in their burgers. And on the east side, Miller's beef is also available at
Fire Food & Drink.

Prices are the same as directly from the Millers. Stop in to pick up some grassfed beef for dinner; healthy, local and delicious!

Filet mignon 2/pkg 2” thick $22/lb
Strip steaks 2/pkg 1 ½” thick $17/lb
“philly” steaks 3/4lb-1.25lb $7/lb
Boneless English cut roast and pot roast 2 lb avg $7/lb
Bone-in chuck roast 2lb avg $6/lb
Short ribs 2” bone 1.5lb avg $6/lb
Boneless stew beef 1lb avg $6/lb
Flank steak (check weight) $15/lb
Brisket (check weight) $6/lb
Grassfed ground beef—this is the same beef we’re serving in the restaurant!--$5.25/lb

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