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“Defending the earth means safeguarding biodiversity, the landscape and farming. Those who haven’t seen the importance of farming haven’t understood anything!”
Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Member Mixer at CWRU Farm

Thanks to everyone who came out to tour the CWRU Farm last Friday evening. It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces we haven't seen in a while and meet new Slow Food friends.

It was hot and sticky in Hunting Valley but as the sun went down and a cool breeze picked up, everyone had a lovely time touring the farm and learning about its rich history. We snapped a few photos to share, of course.

Many thanks to the farm staff and volunteers, and to Ana Locci who directs the Squire Valley View and Valley Ridge Farms. To learn more about the farm and the Food & Farm Program at CWRU, please visit the CWRU farm website and join them on Facebook and Twitter @CWRUFarm.

Photos: Kari Moore

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